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PART TIME PUNKS takes place at The Echo on 1822 Sunset in Los Angeles, every Sunday night.

PART TIME PUNKS is a club that takes over noted Echo Park live music venue, The Echo on 1822 Sunset, every Sunday night. The night focuses heavily on DIY and Indie vinyl coming out of the U.S., UK and Europe from 1977 to the present: Punk, Post-Punk, Synth-Punk, Synthpop, Minimal Synth, Dark/Cold/Minimal Wave, NDW, Industrial, New Wave, No Wave, C86, Indiepop, Twee, Shoegaze, Baggy and even Krautrock…


    Happy Haus returns to Punky Reggae Party with their amazing set of Siouxsie & The Banshees covers to celebrate Siouxsie's 60th birthday!  Then of course yer selecters will be spinning loads of Siouxsie trax from every era throughout the nite, along with the manic & mad mix of punk & reggae & postpunk & ska & DIY & mutant disco you've come to expect...

  • 05.28 SMITHS/MORRISSEY NITE with Guest DJ Jose Maldonado [Sweet & Tender Hooligans]

    Come spend the evening oscillating wildly to the songs that saved your life...aka your favourite tunes by Morrissey and The Smiths!  With a healthy dash of Moz's inspirations and contemporaries (and even a few Smiths clones thrown in to see just how big of fan you really are...)  Of course Cut Out Morrissey will be there courtesy of PTP photog, Dylan Gordon aka D-M-A-X, for all your endless dancefloor contortions and photo op demands...

    [And since Monday is a holiday you don't even hafta call in sick to work or school!]

    @ THE ECHOPLEX (1154 Glendale Blvd.)

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  • 06.02 Part Time Punks presents STREET CHANT + SMOKESCREENS at LaCita

    Legendary UK indiepop pioneers THE PRIMITIVES' make their 1st LA appearance in over 23 years!

    And YES this WILL sell out! And way way sooner than later! (With 200+ tix already sold, still 8 months away from the show, to give you an idea.)

    Listen to THE PRIMITIVES.

    CRUEL SUMMER offer a fuzzy bliss dream of shimmering guitars and hazy, fuzzy pop. Reminiscent of the mid to late 80's C86 and SARAH sound with a dash of 4AD's hazy early 90's catalogue.  A nod to hours spent as a teenager in the late 80s digging through NME and Melody Maker issues to find out who the secret overseas DIY pop hit-makers were.  Pick up their brill debut 12" in stunning die-cut sleeve, courtesy and dream a little louder...

    Listen to CRUEL SUMMER.

    One of the best new jangly bands in LA, the engimatically named SUSAN return to PTP with their breathtaking 3-way harmonies and jangling guitars...and armed with an arsenal of a new LP's worth of tracks....can't wait!

    Listen to SUSAN.

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  • 06.11 ANARCHOPUNK NITE with live tributes to CRASS by Penis Envy + VICE SQUAD by Gutterchild + FLUX OF PINK INDIANS, SUBHUMANS, RUDIMENTARY PENI & ZOUNDS by Bloody Jellies

    Finally.  Again.  Part Time Punks devotes a nite to Anarcho Punk.  Featuring an all-star tribute to CRASS, performing "Penis Envy" in its entirety.  A tribute to VICE SQUAD by Gutterchild.  And a mix of classic anarcho tracks by the likes of FLUX OF PINK INDIANS, SUBHUMANS, RUDIMENTARY PENI & ZOUNDS by Bloody Jellies.


    PTP presents a nite of dark & dreamy sounds fronted by incredibly powerful women singers...including one of Morrissey's favorite singers, KRISTEEN YOUNG (who usually opens for him when he's in Southern California) plus TECHOPHOBIA from NYC and amazing & enigmatic LA newcomer NIHLA.

    Listen to KRISTEEN YOUNG.

    Listen to TECHNOPHOBIA.

    Listen to NIHLA.

  • 06.25 HIGH-FUNCTIONING FLESH record release party + COLIN GORMAN WEILAND + C57BL/6

    Part Time Punks is pround to host the record-release party for longtime faves, HIGH-FUNCTIONING FLESH, whose 3rd LP drops on Dais this week! HIGH-FUNCTIONING FLESH is an Electro-punk act from Los Angeles, USA, in the vein of bands like Portion Control and Cabaret Voltaire, as executed by electronic body mutants Greg Vand and Susan Subtract. Their unique hard beating electronics is heavily infused with body horror and seeks to revive us from our spectacle-induced coma. Unlike the swarm of revival, retro, and oldschool bands out there hoping to capture your nostalgia or naivety, HFF is looking to pump your bodies and refresh your mind from the tired beat.


    COLLIN GORMAN WEILAND = propulsive drone noise + pummeling attack velocity + crooked kosmische spirals + walls of welting distortion.  Lo, the industrial machine throbs. Don't miss his 1st LA appearance since PTP's Downwards Records Nite 5+ years back!


    In the front yard and you're not sure if you got drugged or abducted or what and the taste of metal in your mouth. Broken, menacing synth punk for jokers and psychos. This is C57BL/6.  The future is hell.

    Listen to C57BL/6.

  • 07.03 DAVID BOWIE NITE with Guest DJ Jose Maldonado [Sweet & Tender Hooligans] -- and YES this is a Monday nite!

    Part Time Punks devotes an entire evening to the 40+ years of David Bowie's brilliant back catalogue... From psychedelic folk to glitter and glam, from funk to soul and the thin white duke. From Ziggy to Iggy to Eno to Fripp to Bolan to Lennon to Jagger and Lou and Andy and Freddy (Mercury) and even Nicholas Roeg and David Lynch...all the best of Bowie's collaborations will get a spin, too, not to mention his glam contemporaries and post-punk disciples...  

    We are doing this special Monday edition of PTP this summer because Tuesday is a holiday, which means no work, no school and ALL can ALL come out & dance 'til 2am (and still hit all the BBQs the next day!)


    Holyfuckinghell, THE PHANTOM LIMBS are playing in LA again?!?!?!?!!?!  FYI: The Phantom Limbs are a post-punk/deathrock band formed in Oakland, CA in 1999. The group combined the unusual keyboard-driven compositions of Stevenson Sedgwick with an aggressive, punk-influenced rhythm section and a very odd singer, Loto 'Hopeless' Ball, whose howled lyrics and unpredictable stage behavior quickly gained them an infamous reputation in the SF Bay Area. They were quickly approached by Sam Atakra of the fledgling Atakra records label, which released their first 3-song 7", featuring their seminal "Hot Knives and Hornets."With critical acclaim for their live shows and 7" recordings,the group was approached by Jello Biafra of the Dead Kennedys and were signed to his seminal label, Alternative Tentacles, on the spot. After seeing the band at 924 Gilman St in Berkeley, he declared them the strangest band that he had ever see there, let alone that the punks actually liked. Their debut full-length "Applied Ignorance" was released on Alternative Tentacles in 2001. 

    Listen to THE PHANTOM LIMBS.

    For the genre-inclined, EGRETS ON ERGOT are deathrock but not so dead, post-punk with a bit more punk, no-wave that says “yes” once in a while. So, yeah, it’s a bit hard to pin down.With a name that references birds in flight and LSD, you get the sense that this is a band that doesn’t want to be restrained. With production guided by the able hand of L.A. punk legend Paul Roessler (Screamers, Twisted Roots) they aren't. And certainly aren't for the faint of heart. One of PTP's favorite new LA bands!

    Listen to EGRETS ON ERGOT.

    Future Shoxxx is synthesizer duo Sharif Dumani (Exploding Flowers, Alice Bag, formerly Sex Stains) and Quincy Larsen. Using analog synthesizers, drum machines, and sci-fi-like effects, their aggressive synth sound harks back to late-70’s/early-80’s references such as Suicide, the Units, Fad Gadget, and the Screamers. But beyond the sonic assault lay cascading synthesizer swells, hypnotic arpeggiators, and thumping rhythms that come closer to earlier electronic pioneers Harmonia, Conrad Schnitzler, and Silver Apples (who Dumani recorded and toured with) than it does pure aggression. Dumani has also worked with a wide range of artists from Kim Fowley and Silver Apples to Jowe Head (Swell Maps, Television Personalities), the Tyde, and Cody Chesnutt.

    Listen to FUTURE SHOXXX.

  • 07.16 NEW ORDER NITE with Guest DJ Alex Transistor

    Finally! A nite devoted to one of my 1st favorite bands in the world (and so shall they remain!): NEW ORDER. So, expect a night filled with deep cuts, breathtaking b-sides and of course the almost endless list of hits!  PLUS loads of BeMusic productions (aka bands produced by members of New Order like The Wake, Section 25, Stockholm Monsters, Abecedarians, Quando Quango, Nyam Nyam, Red Turns To..., Royal Family & The Poor, Thick Pigeon) and of course their labelmates on Factory Records like Durutti Colum, A Certain Ratio and of course JOY DIVISION!


    electronic meditation music darkwave goth gothic industrial. These are HIDE. From Chicago. Discuss.

    Listen to HIDE.

    We are storm and chant / Members span all points / These are FUTURE BLONDES / Argue.

    Listen to FUTURE BLONDES.

    In the mirror she sees no self, just ecstasy, cum and wealth. On the platform her soul will dwell, neon lights conceal her hell.... These are BUSTIE'. Do what thou wilt.

    Listen to BUSTIE'. 


    Legendary shoegaze pioneers SWIRLIES make their long-overdue return to Los Angeles for Part Time Punks!  This show has literally been in the planning stages since back in the Myspace days of the early aughts, and of course the dream predates that since long before that....

    Listen to SWIRLIES.

    CRUEL SUMMER offer a fuzzy bliss dream of shimmering guitars and hazy, fuzzy pop. Reminiscent of the mid to late 80's C86 and SARAH sound with a dash of 4AD's hazy early 90's catalogue.  A nod to hours spent as a teenager in the late 80s digging through NME and Melody Maker issues to find out who the secret overseas DIY pop hit-makers were.  Pick up their brill debut 12" in stunning die-cut sleeve, courtesy and dream a little louder...

    Listen to CRUEL SUMMER.

    Sharing their namesake with a song by predecessor noise pop group The Lilys, TENNIS SYSTEM are keeping the legacies of Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, and the Jesus and Mary Chain alive with their expansive, catchy-as-hell pop songs.  Matty Taylor and and co. are masters of loud and dirty anthems, but rising above the noise that blankets them are Taylor's beautifully sung, dreamy lyrics inspired by both love and art, from the drawings of Egon Schiele to the writing of Aldous Huxley.

    Listen to TENNIS SYSTEM.

    This WILL sell out btw gang!! (Remember that insane fucking LILYS show earlier this year???) So grab yer tix NOW!

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  • 08.20 80s MIXTAPE NITE w/Guest DJs Alex Transistor & Ray D [from Smiths & Depeche Mode Conventions]

    Part Time Punks devotes by an evening to the coolest of indie & underground dance floor sounds of the 1980s. What to expect? Why, lots of sounds from PTP stalwarts, The Smiths, New Order, The Cure, Depeche Mode, David Bowie, Bauhaus, Siouxie & The Banshees, Sisters Of Mercy, Nitzer Ebb, The Normal, Jesus & Mary Chain, Echo & The Bunnymen and The Chameleons...

    PLUS a whole slew of sounds from labels like Factory, 4ad, Mute and Rough Trade. AND, of course, some of your very favorite guilty pleasures by the likes of OMD, Human League, Ultravox, Tears For Fears, Psychedelic Furs, Pet Shop Boys, Flock Of Seagulls, Berlin, Bronski Beat, Bow Wow Wow, Adam Ant, Sinead O'Connor, Kate Bush and John Peel only knows what else...

    With PTP's good friends and regular collaborators, Guest DJs Alex Luevano and Ray DeVries (who host the annual Depeche Mode and Smiths Conventions here in LA).

    For fans of MTV's rule & groundbreaking program 120 MINUTES and classic "alternative music" of the 1980s...!


    ChameleonsVox are coming back to LA to play a special Part Time Punks show again this fall! And once again with their pals, The Soft Kill!  You might remember that this one sold out THE REGENT months in advance last get yer tix NOW because there's NO doubt this one will sell out too!

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    Legendary UK band from the 1st wave of Goth sounds in England...THEATRE OF HATE...making their FIRST-EVER appearance in LA in this very special Monday-nite edition of Part Time Punks!!

    This historic event WILL sell out...and I'm guessing probably MONTHS in advance. So IF you don't wanna miss it, scoop up yr tix NOW!


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